Interview must have been reading my mind when they chose the model lineup in "Model's Own." All my favorites right now. . . I dont think i realized just how young some of these girls are! Julia Nobis: 18 The Kenny girls: 17 Hannah Holman: 19 Jac: 16

Can you even imagine earning the kind of bank they are at that age?? At 16. . . i was an awkward baby.
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Kathryn said...

wow the girl in the black crochet sweater looks exactly like you!

bravegrrl said...

that last shirt looks like a great diy project

Cindy said...

i agree with kathryn on the look a like :)

as for young girls it's kind of scary. i think some of the models that start really young can have diet/food issues b/c they're bodies haven't developed fully yet and they have to starve themseles to keep their pre-woman bodies.

that said i wish these girls the best jac, hannah and the kenny sisters are all favourites of mine.

Liv said...

At 32 I am an awkward baby.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

FYI you still have babyface.

Sister Wolf said...

eh, none of them is a Bambi.

Oracle Fox said...

Me too, I totally agree I was going to leave the same comment! That beautiful girl in the black mesh knit has the same eyes are you. Beautiful images, I didn't realise that some of these girls were so young either.

Anonymous said...

also agree on the lookalike!
it's pretty crazy actually.

Mike said...

Don't models though have a short career?