Joan Smalls is always stunning. . . but this Wang dress is fugly as hell.


Arlie said...

she looks like one of the turtles from mario games.... :/

Clara said...

Haha i actually REALLY like this dress!

Casey said...

LOL agreed. It looks like seven little geckos can take a nap on each of her shoulders, and when they wake up, they can crawl into the holes on the sides of the dress and steal her body heat. I don't know where in my mind I just pulled that out of.

Anonymous said...

"wow!", so amazingly evident, how truly "beauty's in the eye of the beholder."

as this "absolutely stunning shirt/skirt" is "def de bomb!" its' so sexy/athletic design wondrously flatters & frames her rockin' figure! c'mon, let's not be haters! ;)

leonie said...

its a gorgeous dress...a size too big for her maybe? am pretty sure chistine centenra wore this and rocked it. do correct me if im wrong though..