This jacket is what i have in mind every time i search ebay/etsy. . . can anyone i.d. it? I'm guessing it's from Topshop or something because this photo was taken in London.

I must say, after looking at the photo a few more times i've decided this chick's outfit could have easily been salvaged. If she had ditched the hat, the sunglasses, the peek-a-boo undies and the midriff.
via Mr.Newton


M said...

I think it's from Zara.
Zara biker jacket
Zara biker 2
Hope this helps!

cat said...

its from zara! they have a brown one just like it in stores, the quality is pretty freaking amazing


Clara said...

Yup its definitely Zara. I've been trying to get my hands on it but its from a year or two ago...

Cindy said...

i have one in black from zara. it's last season.

bravegrrl said...

wow, that is quite a jacket ;)

Tabi Elaire said...

molly molls your completely correct about the DIY hair.. im so in!! but i have to admit i love that chikas hat and sunglasses..

p.s. everyone should hire mr. evan he has a fabulous sense of style and taste in music.. and he is my new bff

Rumi Neely said...

Hey Molly!

Yeah Zara made the jacket last year in black..I wore it to death so I jumped on the brown one when I saw it..I bought it at the Zara in Harajuku in August but they should still have it in stores I think?

Good luck :)