Growing up my mom had a massive collection of all her old National Geographics lined up on the wall of our garage. My sister and i spent many an hour pouring over back-issues. . . i have a bad feeling those magazines are long gone now.

So when i discovered this Tumblr account i was totally psyched . . . a collection of vintage photos, archived National Geographic images, trippy imagery, and current fashion editorials (obviously inspired by vintage images like the ones posted here) . . . Check out Strange-Eyes for yourself, but be prepared to lose at least 10 minutes to it!

National Geographic APRIL 1976national geographic  february  1982


jillian dahhling said...

her eyes are BLACK! these are amazzzing

Shay said...

you should check out Cosmic Dust on tumblr too, you will like.

strange eyes said...

i'm so flattered! i've been following your beautiful blog for a while now (as you may have noticed =] ) so it's really cool to see the appreciation is reciprocated