Just discovered the painter Christopher St. Leger. psyched.
My personal attempts at using watercolors were always messy and ended up in the trash so whenever i see a truly successful/talented watercolor painter i'm in awe. I love the attitude he evokes in the paintings below. Lazy summer days/nights. Leger also paints stunning images of trees reminiscent of a subdued Wolf Kahn. His crowd paintings cityscapes are amazing too!! Check out all his work here: http://www.christopherstleger.com/



mar said...

thanks for discovering this for us!!
I really like it.
I'm sure you already know him, but whoever doesn't, you should check Christian Schoeler out!!!soft shirtless teenagers is his major!

Anne said...

Very cool! Thank you for finding and posting this!

Anne x


heylila said...

i really really like this!

Winnie said...

Oh wow these are amazing, my favourite is the one with the toilet papered cars!

Oracle Fox said...

Just beautiful! I love his use of light and shade, water colour is by far the most challenging medium! It's so nice to see a modern urban approach to wc when everyone paints landscapes. xx

Bex said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing! I was always awful at watercolour so its nice to see someone doing it proper.