Discovering just how divine room service is. . . especially when you can wheel the cart right in front of your plasma and watch Dirty Jobs.
People filtering in to early morning yoga class taught by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman
At first glance i thought she was Coco, Ice-T's lady, but then i remembered i was at a resort in FL and everyone looked like that.
beach-walking beefcake

we quickly discovered that king sized beds are really good for jumping on

I just got back from a few days in Hollywood, FL (right near Miami). . . My sister Alden was there for work, she runs yoga conferences for Yoga Journal Magazine, and i was lucky enough to come along for the ride. I joined her at the same hotel (for the same yoga conference) two years ago and i had almost forgotten just how posh it was. This is not the kind of place i could afford to stay and i must say I enjoyed every minute of it. I volunteered at the conference's t-shirt table but otherwise was free to lounge on the beach all day. Thank you Alden!!

If any of you are big fans of yoga i highly recommend attending one of the Yoga Journal Magazine conferences! The next one is in San Francisco (Jan.13-17) but they also have them in NYC (May 12-16), Grand Geneva Wisconsin (July 8-11), and Estes Park Colorado (Sept.18-25). Be taught by the masters!! Click here for more info.


Tea For Two said...

Looks like a smashing time. The yoga class looks amazing, loving all the colourful matts and blankets.

Oracle Fox said...

Aww I did a little bit of yoga when I was just in Bali and it was amazing to be in another environment pretzelling it up. I'm a bit of a Bikram and Iyengar yoga finatic, it's so good for the mind and body! x