Can't say i'm not jealous of Jessica Barensfeld and boyfrind Simon Howell's Williamsburg apartment. . .  Jessica is a jeweler and Simon is a photographer.  They also started the little company Lynn & Lawrence Wooly Hats.  See all the photos of their place and read their interview on http://www.freundevonfreunden.com

 Photos below of Jessica by Garance Dore



I picked up this vintage Wrangler jacket a week ago knowing it would make the perfect evening project. . . and last night was that evening.

While watching Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis anyone?) I set about covering up the artwork that the previous owner had added (I DO like the rose they painted on the collar).  Rooting through my cloth scrap-bin I discovered that still had some more of the B&W fabric that i've used for other projects left which seemed to be a good match for the jacket.  


For this project I centered the pattern over the painted panel and cut the cloth to size (leaving .5" all around to fold under for a clean edge). I then pinned it into place and sewed around the perimeter with my machine. Boom boom boom. done.  It's also good to put a few pins in the middle to keep the cloth centered while you work.  *Sorry there are no process photos this time, I'll try to be a more diligent DIY documenter next time.  




I'm selling a few things to try and raise some cash for my trip to Barcelona!  I know the season it a bit off for these pieces (other than the sandals) but they are classics so you'll be glad you have them next year!!   Check them out on Off The Rackk

Super soft fur Zara vest. . . you'll be caressing yourself constantly. 

Amazing vintage leather motorcycle jacket. . . haven't you always wanted to look like Kate Lanphear?

Vintage wool Cowichan whale sweater. . . Sitting around any camp fires this summer?

My DIY painted leather sandals. . . 



Daria is the perfect model for the new, socially conscious, American luxury brand Maiyet.  

Maiyet embraces old world traditions and techniques by partnering with artisans and companies in Columbia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, and South Africa.  You can view some of their beautiful videos of these artisans at work on their blog, as well as below.



 My dog gave my boots a handle. 

He literally chewed the back panel of leather right out of them.  I was thinking about trying to replace the leather but with warmer weather on the way i might just wear them as is.  


NYC based artist Hope Gangloff  captures her friends doing mundane things in lush environments, giving them that perfect look of bored beauty.
I first heard of Hope via Gotagirlcrush.com



My sister Alden and I are traveling to Barcelona, Spain in mid-April for 10 days and, having never been there before, would love any advice from those of you who are lucky enough to have been there before, or perhaps live there now!

The main thing we need to get sorted out is renting an apartment in the city.  Are there any especially awesome neighborhoods to where we should try to stay?  Any great apartment rental websites?

Any mind-blowing restaurants and bars?  We love food, drink and funky, off the beaten path, type places.

Flea markets and thrift/vintage stores?


Day trips, or overnights, we should seek out if we feel like venturing out of the city

Basically any sites that we shouldn't miss, or might not be listed in the common travel book. . .