For all you living in LA you must come check out the second annual blogger shop day (hosted by Space 15 Twenty/Urban Outfittters)  This Sunday.  

Cass, of Sex Savages on Wheels, is totally rad and will be selling tons of my new Rackk and Ruin pieces at her table . . .  so Stop By!  
some of the Rackk and Ruin pieces for sale at the event (Plus Tons more!)

Not to be disappointed.

If i could have posted every one of the 64 amazing images shot by Ines and Vinoodh for August's French Vogue i would have. . . Here are my favorites but you can check out the rest HERE

The models are rocking this spread!  They add so much to these images. esp Raquel.


vanessa at her finest.
garance dore

Breton Stripes

Jade, Sydney
street peeper


scary hot Hourani


This girl's outfit could have easily become over the top. . . but every element works perfectly.
     are those real gloves or a print?  i must know.

god, i just love this whole look

Cape Cod, 1981

photograph by Joel Meyerowitz


RED Heads

When i saw that Chloe Sevigny's new line's lookbook was to feature all redheads i could think of only one thing. . . Redheads (by photographer Joel Meyerwitz)  

My sister Alden is a redhead (well, more a beautiful auburn shade) so this book has been on our book shelf for years. . . the whole family went to a book signing with joel in our town when the book was first published (circa early 90s)  It's definitely a great source of humorous confusion for guests.   

hey alden, remember how much it pissed us off that he had included a photo of a Fake redhead?  and remember the husky girl in the bathing suit. . . or was it a boy? 

Chloe's lookbook:


Looks like the Hovey sisters have been hitting up all the best flea markets for years. . . quite impressed. 
 (via joannagoddard.blogspot.com)