Yesterday's outfit:

Banana Republic and AA scarves, thrifted jacket and vintage tshirt, Zara skirt, Betsy Johnson tights, vintage shoes, brass hawk talon necklace (obtained through a trade with thestylishwanderer. . . an old man in her town makes them)


Wasson and Wang at the Opening Ceremony launch in Tokyo 
General view of 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Opening Ceremony will open its first store in Tokyo's fashion district Shibuya on August 30.

via tfs and zimbio


I am speechless.  This hairy moto jacket is like the devil love spawn of the fuschia Dolce one. 
Photos by Dean Rogers
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Thrifted leather Mossimo jacket, thrifted Charlotte Russe striped dress, Palladium boots, claw necklace via thestylishwanderer.



Played around Pine Street all day Friday. . . set off with the intention of taking some photos at a legit old-fashioned photo booth at this used record/book store but discovered it was waiting on refill chemicals from Europe. . . 

- Bought a book on Indian Chiefs for inspiration at the used book store

-Used the Recycle North Salvage center as a Playground

-Snooped around some of awesome artists' studios/workshops (totes trespassing)

-Got my favorite Jamaican Avocado sandwich at my favorite sandwich place Four Corners (where i fully documented the formation of a beautiful friendship between a little girl and a topless, somewhat haggared, "my-size" barbie.  At one point my friend overheard her whisper "i'm really busy" into the barbie's ear. oh to be that unabashedly imaginative again.)

-Made full use of a real playground down at the waterfront as the clouds rolled in.

-Met up with a couple of lovely ladies at Radio Bean for a late afternoon iced coffee
Aly is wearing a Rackk and Ruin a two tiered necklace i made my her a while back. . . It's a vintage mini lipstick tube with a crystal replacing the lipstick.
I'm wearing a shredded shirt made by awesome Etsy seller Urban Revisions.
a new friendship is formed at Four Corners sandwich shop.
Four Corners is filled with amazingly kitsch art, knick-knacks, and toys.
Perkins Pier Park
The Radio Bean
my friends uncle actually made this bag . . . hand crafted it. . . back in the seventies!


Just finished the most awesome weekend. . . two of my best friends were visiting from Brooklyn and we surely made the most of our time together. . . 

Thursday night we went to an event down at a community barn where my boyfriend has his farm: beer, flatbread pizza, music, happy healthy vermonters.  The whole nine yards.
The after party consisted of us drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, listening to Drake's "Best i Ever Had" and climbing all over my car as my dog looked on embarrassed for us.


When i start growing out my hair this is exactly what i want


Vogue Italia Sept. 09

It's eds like this that are starting to make me crave fall . . . all the lush materials, rich colors, and mish-mashed prints.

I'd love those plaid wool leggings.

Karli's rat-nest punk hair styling and minimal makeup are a great addition.