i was staying at my parents house for a few days over Christmas I found some of my old photo albums. These first three photos were tucked in the back of a photo album i made druing my freshman year of college (i must have brought them with me to keep my family close. . . even though I my parents lived
down the block from the UVM campus). Anyway. I just love them so much. The photo above is my stunning mom (age 21) camping out on a beach in Corfu. The stud is not my dad. Some handsome English boy my mom met/traveled around Greece with for a bit while she and her best friend were doing the whole European backpack adventure thing.

Below is my absolute favorite family portrait. We are up in Montgomery, VT at my grandparents farmhouse. Here's why I love it so much: My sister Alden's wind spinny rainbow cap, how my dad's hand on my mom's shoulder looks like it could be my hand (if i had a freakishly large club hand), and that my sister's doll isn't exactly a redheaded Raggedy Ann.

My sister with the fish she caught. Me with the Goldfish Cracker i'm about to eat.

Freshman in College Molly.
Look how long my hair was!! Gotta love the Absolute UVM shirt (some 40+ guy came to my dorm room door selling them. of course i let him in and gave him the $20 for one).

Ok, now THIS is one my favorite: What a typical freshman year college room (if it's 2002 and you go to The University of Vermont) . . . Prayer flags, hippie wall hangings, paper lanterns, Bob Marley poster, "Start a Revolution, Stop Hating Your Body" screenprint on my mini-fridge, various images torn from Rolling Stone of bands i thought i should have on my wall: PHISH, John Lennon, Ben Harper, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. Oh Man.

This one is pretty special too. A night out on the town in Montreal with my girlfriends my freshman year. Things to note: we are all wearing short necklaces with some sort of pendant, either a black or white tank top, and a skirt (Cait and I handmade ours from a couple pairs of jeans). So much originality displayed here. Holy Cow.


NSFW . . .

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Toni Garrn by Mario Testino for Vogue Deutsch June 2008
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Cover Magazine February 2011
Shot by: Andreas Öhlund
Model: Gertrud Hegelund
Editorial Gertrud Hegelund by Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine February 2011 5Editorial Gertrud Hegelund by Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine February 2011 9Editorial Gertrud Hegelund by Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine February 2011 8
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Jourdan for Burberry


Stunning shots by Will Davidson for Dazed Magazine
Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 1Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 2Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 4Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 5Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 7Editorial 'I Was Born...But' Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed & Confused February 2011 9
I Was Born...But...
Dazed & Confused February 2011
Shot by: Will Davidson
Models: Ming Xi & Hyoni Kang
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Holy eggy goodness.

Ok, i'm gonna rub it in. . . It was filled with sauteed crimini mushrooms, garlic, sweet onions, kale, and prosciutto. And i ate it all within 8 hours.



(is it just me, or do these animals all look taxidermied?)

I got sucked in by the "Extra 50% Off Already On Sale Items" sale at Gap the other day. Damn you Gap for having me on your promotions email list! Of course i didn't exactly need any of these, but that will pretty much always be the case for me. My closet will never cease to overflow into every spare inch of the house. And no, i'm not going to apologies for that. . .

Because when Halloween arrives, or an impromptu cocktail party, guess whose closet my friends love to rummage ? Mine. I always grew up with a massive dress-up box (more like a way cool antique wooden chest) in the middle of my living room and I love that my closet is an adult manifestation of that. (ps my parents still have the stocked dress-up box in their living room. and i still plow through it every now and then).

Anyway, i'm a crazy thrifty shopper (my friends rarely dare ask where i got something because they know my response will probably be "oh, it was $2 at the Goodwill. . . or "i found it on the sidewalk outside my house") so accumulating a lot of clothing doesn't have much of an impact on my wallet (though sometimes Eric's sanity is compromised).

Got this pleated mustard skirt i'd been eyeing for a while for $7.99 Fuck Yeah
HERE (for not quite that cheap. sorry)

Blouse with built in bow. yes. my life is complete. HERE

Fantastically crisp "Two-Pocket Shirt" (STOPITRIGHTNOW you need this one) HERE

Ruffel Front Top that i'm planning on promptly removing the ruffles from (there are great little buttons underneath and i loved the pattern) . HERE


GAG ME WITH A SPOON (but please don't take photos of me while you're doing it)

Why does Terry Richardson insist on re-creating a version himself in his models? Those tired grandpa glasses, the thumbs up. . . I can't think of any other photographers who do that. Usually a photographer creates a personal style by using certain themes or photographic techniques or. Ellen Von Unwerth and Jonathan Leder have that sexy vintage look, Annie Leibovitz does the big production celebrity thing, Chadwick Tyler usually has desaturated eerie images.

I just don't think that Terry has that much going on in his photos. They often have a stark white background, use some form of sexual subordination between male and female models. Or female models and him. and never really grab my attention.





Hot new trend in the Netherlands: re-designing the interiors of abandoned churches and historic buildings to be fantastic residences. . . without greatly altering the basic structure of the original building. Yes. Please.

The residence below was St. Jakobus church in Utrecht. This church stopped holding mass in 1991 and up until 2007 had been used as showroom for antique furniture as well as a venue for small concerts. Now it is a fucking sa-weet living space filled with natural light, art, and a massive dinning room table built from old church pews.

If you're curious you can check out more of the conversion projects that Zecc has done Here. . . my favorite being the old factory converted into a loft in Utrecht, the Netherlands seen Here.


I know, I know. I've totally posted these in the past. But it's an uber tanned Raquel Zimmermann stumbling around in the desert all zombie-like with her falling off. Worthy of a re-post in the dead of winter i'd say.


images from Chloe's s/s 2011 campaign



Thanks to SisterWolf, I just learned about Israeli born artist Sruli Recht. Sruli works out of his remotely located, (an abandoned fishery in the meat-packing district) drool-worthy, studio in a Reykjavik, Iceland. This youngster (born in '79) is motivated by obscure materials (horse hide, stillborn lamb skins, ram's blood for dying to name a few) and creating items you never knew you needed. . . but now can't live without. ie: A black diamond tipped pen for writing/etching on glass surfaces.

His item descriptions are one of my favorite aspects of his work.
For example:

Grey Nurse

type: boot
composition: all cow leather
heel: 2" raw leather cuban
colour ways: kelp green
gender: homme

ocean filtered light flickering over my eyes, steps that cut, and a very distant headache. low button up leaden boots, one piece of leather pleated into shape and soft leaning heel. just one tired sleek shark swimming through tomorrow

Preferred Use: Espionage and straight out traditional Mexican stand off
nothing more to say.

Who wouldn't want a pair of these after reading that?

Also, i respect a person who seems to be equally into the quality of their product's presentation. Those stacked cardboard ring and pen holders are works of art in themselves.

The images below are of his store The Armoury via Yatzer.com