Eric and I had a huge yard-sale this past Saturday. . . we've lived in the same house for almost five years now and things just have a way of accumulating. It felt amazing to get rid of so much extraneous stuff . . . and have a wad of cash to show for it. Eric's sister is studying abroad in Switzerland this fall (and then finishing her studies in Morocco) so i'd love to use the $$ to go visit. Ideally we'd start in Switzerland and make our way down/over to Morocco. . . hitting up northern Italy, southern France, the east coast of Spain and then into Africa. Hoop dreams.

I took a couple photos of our friends who stopped by and the loot they left with. An old army helmet, vintage Micky Mouse ears, and an old hat and RayBans. Everything looked so much better on them that it wasn't too hard to say good-riddence.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it! Nice work :) Wish there were more yard sales in the UK! x

July 19, 2011 at 1:13 PM  

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