. . . Director of Press and Marketing for Band of Outsiders (talk about dream job!) 

Photographed at home by Jeana Sohn of Closet Visit (my addiction).

Why I like Nicole: 
1.Describe your personal style. 
easy, classic, and comfortable. 
4. Who are your style icons?
Emmanuelle Alt. Her consistency, simplicity, and confidence make her so chic. She reminds me that you can be "in fashion" and not in such an obvious way. 
8.Can you give us smart shopping advice?
If you aren't completely and utterly obsessed with something, don't buy it. Whenever I spend even a second convincing myself or negotiating the purchase it's most likely a mistake.  
11. 5 things you can't live without. 
P I Z Z A  

I don't know if the image below is gonna show up (It's one of those tinypic things) but i just had to add it. . . it's a photo of Nicole's fiance's clothes area in their house and I had to laugh because it reminds me a whole lot of my boyfriend Eric's clothing area. . . . so completely dwarfed by mine.


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these pictures are amazing!


October 25, 2011 at 7:52 PM  

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