My great grandparents bought a house on the coast of Maine in the 1950s - and it's still in the family after all these years. I know this makes me lucky. 

Every summer we drive 6 hours to spend a week catching crabs, clearing the path through the woods, eating ice-cream,going to bed early getting up early, and trying not to spend too much time looking into our phones.

 It's real good. 

My Dad is good at preventing neck sunburns. 

I picked up some rather dangerous sparklers at a gas station en route. 
Alden fishing with finesse, but no luck, off the island's swing bridge. 

Geriatric Style

These boys are not my sons but look the part.

My cousin harvested mussels from the rocks and made the most bangin' Thai style dinner.

Daily dose

The water is always really freaking cold.

Our second annual trip to Eventide in Portland, ME.  I'm Really glad I like oysters now.

Still torturing my cousin Stephen after all these years. 

Eric faked out Josie so she'd go first, thus saving him from disaster.

My magical most amazing sister Alden

These dogs have it So Good.
Life jackets were necessary on this very windy maiden voyage

This big blow up raft floated ashore last year, it immediately became a fixture in our water play.

Photoshoot with Alden in the fern grove.

Stephen at a disadvantage due to his side's termite damage.  

Alden the unassuming siren

Sal not being very ladylike 

Alden hunting for periwinkles

Some great family photos from summers in Maine.

My dad in the stripes above, and jeans below.

Thank you so much Granny.


Anonymous Kara said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics and what a lovely gift from your great grandparents!

August 27, 2014 at 5:02 AM  

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