I’m thinking it might be fun to start blogging again to help avoid the winter blues. So i signed into good ol’ bloglovin to see what i’ve been missing these past 10 months away (thank gawd for “saved passwords”). . . A new post by Parisian favorite Garance Dore caught my eye so down the rabbit hole i went. 

Reading her “between the posts” commentary about her instagram feed photos was exactly the inspiration I needed. 
the update instagram garance dore photos
Garance is silly, self-depricating, and stylish as hell.  I’ve loved watching her career take off and really really enjoy the way she writes. Her stream of consciousness posts (translated from French?!), including cross-outs and clickable references, brighten my day. . . this can’t be said for many other fashion blogs which inevitably make me feel fat and boring. 
garance dore madame figaro matthew sprout photos

garance dore madame figaro matthew sprout photos


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December 22, 2015 at 9:28 AM  
Blogger Loura_D said...

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