A Little Lou Love

all images: tfs


Stephanie said...

love the last three pictures, esp the third to last.

In some of these she looks like two completely different people: take the seventh clockwise down from the top and compare it with the second to last---> kinda different, no?!


D said...

she is totally fantastic in every which way. so chic and edgy


nuha nuha said...

lou dillon! that woman never fails to pull off a look with such fierce beauty. i like the picture of her in the ripped tights, they're ripped just perfectly.

Cindy said...

okay, so can i say i love your blog. ahhh! so cool. i'm totally adding you to my roll. but, back to lou. she is a goddess, the epitome of a french girl in my mind and that pic in the ripped tights is a-mazing. right click, save to desktop for sure.