Death of a Party clued me into Wittner Shoes. . . love themmm
These Wang look-a-likes were impossible to capture for this post because they automatically zoomed in once your mouse rolled over them . . . .so this is my "screen capture" attempt to show them . .. amazinggg



Annabelle said...

i went in a shop this morning and saw some similar shoes for like £25 could of had them but i'm skint.
these are fit though.


stephanie said...

l o l y o u k n o w w h a t
t h e y r e m i n d m e o f?
t h e c h l o é s o f t w o
f a l l s a g o. r e m e m b e r
t h e m? a n d f o r e v e r 21
h a d t h e s e a m a z i n g
k n o c k s o f t h e m :
w h i t e w. a
n e o n p i n k h e e l.

I W I S H I O W N E D T H E M!!


susie miller said...


Elisa said...

woah now. new contenders fer my summer sandals. shiit.

Thats exactly the reason I am not buying that bustier.

Antonia Jane said...

YES! im glad you love it... they dont have stores in the states but they should.. the shoes are awesome because they copy high end designer shoes but still make them great in quality.
i bought a pair of blundstone boot lookalikes and they're totally amazing.
plus my friend bought the wang shoes and theyr even more amazing!!!!!!!

Antonia Jane said...
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martinep said...

You can buy them online! Its great! Amazing Australian Fashion at its best!