I liked Maya's (of TurnedOut) write up on fur-wearing and I definitely feel the same way. . . I was quite weary to purchase a NEW piece of fur from Zara this past weekend. . .as i've always been of the mind that to buy vintage is cool, and new is tacky: but there was a tag on the vest stating  "The origin of this skin comes exclusively from animals raised on farms for good use; in no cases have animals been slaughtered for the marketing of their skins."  

And I love eating a good piece of locally farmed lamb just as much as the next carnivore.   I know that my fur Zara vest didn't come from a lamb who was utilized in the way a Native American would have . . . but at least it's tiny body wasn't just discarded.  hmmm, not sure if i'm making a very good point here. . . and i'm probably angering some readers.  
 BUT let's face it. I live in Vermont yo; it gets mighty cold here and leather, fur, and down feathers are just plain warm.  That's why you only see teacup dogs shivering, not farm animals.  
Fur Hat Fur Vest

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hélène said...

i don't know why but i was under the impression that you were texas...

i love fur. There. I said it.