I'm totally into the work of artist Jud Turner right now. . . I love his use of found objects and creating pieces that show the tenuous relationship between man and nature. I would love one of those skeleton bikes. oh man.
"I AM" - welded steel sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2008Warthog #1 - found objects, Copywright Jud Turner, sculptor, LLC"Paradise Lost" - found object assemblage on book  by Jud Turner 2008R-Evolve - welded steel and found object sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2009"Canis Cyclus" - found object sculpture by Jud Turner, copyright 2009


Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

super radical! also, love Sasha (below)

Xela Purple said...

I think he's fab! Those bikes are mental, I would kill to be able to ride through town on one. x

me melodia said...

Hey Molly!
I'm sending out your taschen giveaway this weekend.
Hope you have an awesome halloween.


So Good for Bunnies said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Jud said...

Hi - happy to see that you're digging my work and showing it on your blog. Thanks much. If you email me your mailing address (jud@judturner.com), I'll send you some of my propaganda, including stickers of this design:



- Jud

Anonymous said...

Jud's work is amazing! If you ever get to see his work in person, be sure to check it out. He's working on a huge Garden installation right now all about life and death and Earthly Delights. AMAZING

the girl in grey said...

Oh my--it's so oddly appealing.