Elisa, of Leatherette, was the winner of my Halloween Costume Contest. . . . Fantastic work becoming a she-satyr!!

Thanks so much to everyone else who entered!

I was blown away by all your creative DIY costumes!! (And thanks for the advice on having the prize be something anyone can wear next time. . . I'll definitely keep that in mind for my next contest).

I loved everyone's costumes but I can't post them all . . .so here are just a few of the runners up. . .


real estate agent from Vancouver BC said...

Beautiful costumes. My favorite one is the costume of Edward Scissorhands. I wanted to have this costume last Halloween but it was impossible to get my size in any costume shop here in Vancouver. So I decided to be a mummy. This year was the same situation and my final costume was vampire costume. I enjoyed it anyway. Now, I'm little bit sad that it's over but we can start planning the next Halloween.

Good luck,

the girl in grey said...

Very creative!
one of my good friends was big bird and made it herself. It was amazing.
Can you imagine?