Giovanna is the only one who looks beautiful and healthy this thin. . . hmmm.


Cindy said...

so true. the woman beside her looks especially ill.

the others the thinness makes their faces drawn. maybe it's because gio's body is her natural state and the others actualy diet because she looks lovely, fresh and healthy.

Cathy said...

wow - 2nd from the right needs a twinkie or two.

Meg said...

Who is the woman next to Giovanna? She does look quite ill. The color of her dress may be drawing her skin color out but her facial structure looks so gaunt and pained...she truly does look like her health is failing in some way.

The others look like typical style socialites to me, while Giovanna owns her classiness down to every dotted i and crossed t. A true fashion and style maven of our day. xo