I've always loved Etsy Seller (and blogger) Anonymous Agent's handmade leather fringe Iroquois inspired bag. . . she's one cool chick too! We got to hang out in NYC this summer and let me tell you, she makes courtney love look like shirley temple... fer reallyo. we were hanging out at this sbarros in the city and this crackhead tried to mug me and she, no joke, pulled out her switch blade and told this dude he could either lose his junk or crawl away...its true... she's rad.
Iroquois Fringe Bag


Amanda said...

haha i can so see jess doing that. she catches you by surprise but she's a soft-hearted tough chick

Alice D. Millionaire said...

AWESOME photo!
also, i put a sidebar photo link to your etsy shop; if you want me to take it down, get@me.

bravegrrl said...

what a great shop!


E and O said...

that is indeed a wonderfully designed bag. I love the way the strap becomes almost indistinguishable from the body of the bag. Thanks for introducing me to the shop. :)

And I love the story about the mugging. A true switchblade sister. ;)

fashionable palette said...

Wow, I love this. Very creative.

Nishant said...

what a great shop!

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kenzaloo said...