Death is always, under all circumstances, a tragedy, for if it is not then it means that life has become one.
- Theodore Roosevelt
alexander mcqueenalexander mcqueen
a tragic loss of a total genius.

images from google and thefashionisto


mardijane said...

it really isn't sinking in, he was so successful and seemed so happy. i just don't understand why or how something this horrible could happen to someone so talented :( its a cruel cruel world, and sometimes we forget that fashion doesn't make us invincible, although it might feel like it sometimes.



Tea For Two said...

<3 Absolutely. I love that photograph of him, it captures the atmosphere of his dark, beautiful creations in the man himself. It's the picture I used on my blog too.

It is so sad that someone with such an obviously fertile inner life and so much creativity could have found himself in a moment so low and so isolated that suicide was the only answer. Tragic in the extreme.

Lina said...

and still, this is so hard to understand. You know, I can't really believe that it happened.
rest in peace
those photos are great.