As much as this image is totally ridiculous . . . i also totally love it. Maybe it's cause i secretly, or not so secretly, have an itch for the lame celebrity trash mag every now and then . . . and this image is basically straight out of the "stars are just like us . . . they carry their own purse and smoke butts" section.
Flee Isa Flee
Vogue Brazil February 2010
Shot by Fabio Bartelt
Model: Isabeli Fontana

via fashioncopious


Emma B. said...

I totally agree with you :) The fact that she looks so normal (though really, really gorgeous) sort of appeals to me!

noura. said...

her outfit is pretty awesome though

kpeach said...

totally-love it! xo

Aly Fox said...

"every now and then"

Erica said...

love this pic


hélène said...

lol i actually literally laughed out loud.

And who DOESN'T like a good ol' trash mag now and again?!?

Clara said...

good, I also love this picture.
i love the trash side of everything. it shows the eccentric and I love it.
great blog! :D