Photographer Jason Lee Parry's new stunning series. See more of his work here
photographer - Jason Lee Parry
Stylist - Tara Nichols and Stephanie Mojonnet
Model -Erin Axtell with Photogenics
Makeup - Gloria Noto w/ the rex agency for Dior
Hair - Gloria Noto


confessions of a marc addict. said...

i loooooove these.

Maria said...

creepy insane skinny!
seriously too much

Meg said...

I love the bed head, love love love.

I am built like this model but my chest is smaller, I have a high metabolism and wish I could gain weight easily but can't. I think she looks healthy, and is a beautiful woman regardless of her size. Funny how it is always ok to say someone is "too thin" but never that someone need to lose a few pounds.

OK, that is my little freak out for today.

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