This video of Lils shaking her locks around is pretty mesmerizing. . . you've gotta check it out.

"Internationally renowned hairstylist Sam McKnight teases out the unseen calm in two seconds of a thrashing blonde mane in this slow-motion film shot by photographer Matthew Donaldson. As his model daughter Lily spins 360 degrees, her hair buffeted by four wind machines, Donaldson stretches two seconds into two hypnotic minutes, capturing every exquisite movement at 1,000 frames per second. In a world where technology is increasingly maligned for encouraging us to hide from reality, there is a welcome irony here: Using the super-high definition Phantom Gold HD—a camera initially developed for monitoring missile flights—Donaldson distills a hyper-real tranquility." ( from Nowness.com )


Joyce L said...

Omg, i love this. It's like a James Bond opening!

Harley Wolf said...

this is insanely good!

heleen said...

I know right! The first time I watched it my jaw just dropped, 1 minute and 50 seconds of utter awe