You Probably Look Better Naked....

Hey guys I know Molly had posted about this a little while ago, we shot some photos of clothes we are selling at our friend Angie's space http://designhausblog.blogspot.com I finally got most of them up online.... If you are interested in any of the pieces just shoot me an email and we'll chat! Check it out here: http://youprobablylookbetternaked.blogspot.com/ 


Fuji Files said...

I'm EXTREMELY interested in those boots! Any chance you're selling those? As I highly doubt it, where'd you get them? They're pretty much my dreamboot.

xx Cristina

You Probably Look Better Naked Anyway said...

boots are not for sale, but believe it or not i found them at urbanoutfitters....probably 50 bucks...not a bad find! Check it out maybe they still have them! good luck!