I came across this amazing snakeskin printed shirt in BA (but with the fit being way off I just couldn't justify buying it). . . anyone know of a similarly printed shirt available somewhere? I love how large the snakeskin print is.


thatsorad said...

That is awesome! you could make the fit work for sure!

Hal said...

LOVE IT! I agree, you can probably make the fit work somehow.


green ink said...

i think what shes trying to say is that she did NOT buy it so she wants to find one more like it back in the states! Now you both probably made her majorly regret her decision not to buy it haha. but anyways umm if you want to shell out $115 Missoni has a cute one....in the link below


pandoy said...

just be patient and work out surely you gonna be fit.


Sister Wolf said...

You are so beautiful here. Who cares about the shirt, your face is everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i was internet shopping and remembers you were looking for snake skin shirt.
This one pretty awesome.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

hey! mine is actually from H&M. i got it around 2 years ago. it's not exactly like the one you're wearing here, it has one of those box bodies, tight sleeves, and a boatneck. if i see anything similar i will definitely let you know!