My buddy Phil, who is visiting from Portland, went to culinary school in San Francisco so when he invited me to a little French-inspired backyard dinner it was a no brainer. I threw on my new Marc Jacobs blouse, snake-skin mini and black vintage roper boots and biked on over. I can't take any credit for the cooking or the set-up and i wouldn't have changed a thing. It was insanely delicious. I definitely drank my weight in rosé (just had to google how to get the accent, haha) but luckily ate enough food that the hangover wasn't too killer. . . nothing a little ibuprofen couldn't take care of.

I think my favorite item was the crustini with chevré (yay! I've mastered the accent mark), carmelized onions and crumbled pistachios. We also enjoyed homemade paté, pickled baby beets, marinated baby root vegetables, smoked mixed nuts, homemade prosecco sorbet, some delicious duck, chicken and sausage French soup, a frisée salad with smoked herring, bacon, and a poached farm egg on top with some insane vinaigrette and last but not least a big homemade fruit tart.
Phil and the amazing prosecco sorbet

The super talented Brett Hughes




arent you guys spoiled with that delish looking food and drinks? :)

Ore.R said...




Ellen said...

very cool style of photography! and that food looks amazing!


Clara said...

YUM YUM! and you have a cool lookin group of friends.

kenzaloo said...

ok ok ok ok ... did you see my post where i just put "(accent on the a)" cause i didn't want to google it? hahaha. dude, how do you do it? that accent? how my friend? how? ? ? xo p.s. i wish i was eating alllll that RIGHT NOW!

Taylor said...

Wow, all of that looks incredible.

Migration Agents Melbourne said...

Yummy yummy yummy those colors look so fresh