Seeing this image made me remember my dream last night. . . . Albino Pythons. . . . TONS of them. I have never been queasy around snakes but after that graphic dream i think i have a different opinion. The dream ended with me discovering tons of them being illegally drowned - which was just as creepy as having one chasing.

. . . . i know, i know. . . . other people's dreams are totally boring.
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wildflowers said...

Oh creepy dreams indeed!!!
I'm not a fan of snakes, but I do think the albino ones are quite beautiful.


Sister Wolf said...

Hahahaha! Eeoow, I didn't know they came in yellow. Sounds like a horrible dream. They should all be handbags and boots.

Pennerad said...

lol. that dream is freaky. not boring at all. and snakes are cool but i don't want to be left in a room with HUNDREDS of them. or a single hungry one.

Annabel said...

this post brought the lols

yellow fever said...

Maybe somebody has this cute animal in their home? :D