(vintage The Cure tee, vintage necklace, Halston skirt, Gap striped cardigan, Frye Chelsea boots)

I was more than a little obsessed with The Cure for a while. Well, i still get really nostalgic when i listen to them. This is definitely my favorite old tee and i'm dreading the day when all that's left of it is a tiny shred. Speaking of things old and worn, this necklace was part of my childhood dress up box and i'm really glad it's still with me, albeit missing a few rhinestones. Nothing better than the shredded tee and a rhinestone necklace combo. Old MK did it oh so well. But her rhinestone necklaces were probably Tom Binns diamonds.


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

i loved Robert Smith so much in the early 90s and now his smeared lipstick makes me a little sad. The Cure will always do it for me though.

DREAMY said...

mmm. also lovin the cure. and your highly successful use of rhinestones.

Maria said...

i've just decided that you are the best one, the best blogger.
You dress like yourself, i've never seen a pic that made me think you were trying too hard or posing in a weird unnatural way (which is very common in the blogosphere). And yet it looks cool.
Also i like yor hair and you update very often, so THE BEST

Hope i was clear, i'm spanish! Just thought you had to know! It's brave to have a blog, keep it like this :)

Rackk and Ruin said...

Thank you Maria!! it's really strange doing posts about my outfits. and comments like yours make me feel a lot less strange. xx