Eric's beautious veggies at the Saturday Farmers Market
Pitchfork Farm Represent!!
Jodi's new best friend. sadly he already belonged to someone else.
Aly's hair inspiration: Eleanor Zissou
Elephantitis tomato. . .
Best Whoopi Pies EVER
a million attempts to all be jumping at once . . . self timers are tricky!
The noble Pitch
Free appetizers cause it took so long to be seated. . . no complaints here!

Had too much fun this weekend with my girls visiting. . . Any amount of time spent with them is a joy. We filled our weekend with delicious food and drink. . . It's so great to have friends who thoroughly enjoy great food and the pleasure it brings.


Kosterina O. said...

great place, people and party! all those veggies look so tasty, even i want them to eat right now:)
and of course cheese with honey mmmmm yammie
and the dog is co cute :)

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

my man has just now turned his interest to farming. he is growing onions and garlic in the closet. we live in the city.

Oracle Fox said...

Superfun pics, I love the feather earing!

x mandy

bravegrrl said...

awww man! can i have that heirloom? i LOVE heirlooms... i bought some seeds and haven't planted them yet.... i need to do some research on the net...


alden said...

pretty girls, pretty veg, pretty pitch, and pretty wonk eye boyfriend. I heart you all.

(also love that Jodi is rocking the Argentina bracelet)

Pennerad said...

that tomato looks frightening. and delicious.

me melodia said...

Looks like great fun.
And... that tomato is ravishing!