I used to hand write my monthly calendars into a sketchbook (that i'd try to always have on me). When i first saw my sister's collection of amazing calendar/personal sketch/note diaries i was insanely jealous. . . It was like a creative type's scrapbook.

Growing up, I was always an avid diary keeper (i have a collection of about 7 diaries that i've kept from 1996-2006!!) Along with photo albums, they are certainly something i would brave a house fire to rescue) My friend and I actually put on our very own "Mortified" event last year where i got up on stage and read the funniest excerpts from my childhood diaries. I'll have to remember to treat you guys sometime . . . maybe include some awkward youthful photos as well!

Anyway, I gave my sister's style journaling a shot a few years ago with an Exacompta de Paris Exaclair notebook (buy one here). These images are from my notebook from 2006/7. . . I've kinda fallen short when it comes to keeping a calendar (and drawing) lately.


kenzaloo said...

love it. love it. love it. thank you for sharing this. this stuff is my fave to look at! xo

noirohio vintage said...

THIS IS SO GOOD! i love looking at diary pages like this.

alden said...

Your journals are amazing...all of them. And the drawings are beautiful.

Also beautiful, Daria.

I'm going for a run.

Let's Bolt said...

I can't believe I haven't seen this before! You are such a gem.

Bex said...

Oh this are incredible! I love seeing people's creativity, it really gives a sense of who you are.


caroline said...

thank you so much for putting this up. i, too, have kept journals throughout the years; although mine are mostly just writing (cause i cant draw ha!). i love getting inspiration from other peoples journals. it's like art..

Anastasia said...

Love love love love your sketch book post. I keep one as well.. that's what I miss most about art school.. was getting the privilege of browsing through friends books.

They are kind of personal.. at least it feels that way to me.. Thank you for sharing.