Remember the 90s? Remember when Gwyneth and Winona were bffs? Matching pixie cuts, Chuck Taylors and Vans, boyfriends are best friends, always interlaced arms. . . God, they just oozed Hollywood cool to me.

i'm happily re-watching Beetle Juice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites (and even Girl, Interupted). Although I loved every minute of A Perfect Murder (mostly thanks to Viggo), i'll always be on Team Wino.
(reposted from 2010 blog archives)
gwyneth paltrow winona ryder frenemy 02gwyneth paltrow winona ryder frenemy 03gwyneth paltrow winona ryder frenemy 01gwyneth paltrow winona ryder frenemy 05
images via JUSTJARED


Fashion Agony said...

They looked cool together!


magnolia*mama said...

oh wow this takes me back. Gyeneth in shower sandals in public!

I do miss the time before gwyneth exposed herself as the entitled delusional we see before us... didn't you hear? she's just like us! but with sacks of cash and a rockstar husband. sheeesh. GOOP makes me want to chew my own arm off. /endrant

winona forever!! xo

BlueVanilla said...

lol OLD SCHOOl...great photos!

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nadine ahmad said...

awww i love these photos!


bravegrrl said...

these are great photos!!! thanks for posting them, totally took me back :)

mar said...

Lets make come back the 90s!
loved the style
fan of both chicks!

Oracle Fox said...

two words..team winona x

Tea For Two said...

I dunno what GOOP is. Time to do some research..

This whole BFF period between those two bypassed me totally, but they do look like a likely pair of pixie princesses.

m.corbett said...

why can't those two just go out?! lalalalovee x x

Sister Wolf said...

I saw Winona in a vintage clothing shop right after the arrest thing, and the thrillingest part was that she has cankles!!!!!


methinks they look cool together. they should actually start dating or something. how come aren't they together anymore?



Anonymous said...

Oh, please be friends again!!!