Although the PS1 bag is everywhere i still want it. . . this is one trendy item i don't think i'd get sick of. . . i do think i'd regret spending $1600 on a bag instead of a return trip to Paris though!!


Fashion Agony said...

If you put it that way, Paris is definitely better! :) I've seen very similar bags by low cost brands!


heylila said...

I LOVE this bag, BUT I could pay a huge trip from that, so no way I would by this, maybe a similar cheaper one



Jennifer said...

I would love this bag in purple or yellow or gray.....LOVE it! Not sure how I feel about the $1600 either, that's a tough decision.

bravegrrl said...

this.... well... is a classic :)

Agn├Ęs et Matilde said...

you can find it at Target but obviously in an other quality: http://www.target.com/Messenger-Bags-Luggage-Sports/b/1232898011/ref=sc_fe_l_2_12940921_14?node=1232898011

calla said...

paris is WAY better. fuck this bag. any vacay is better than one single item, even an hermes birkin! DO PARIS, love.


Anonymous said...

you make such interesting posts, I LOVE VISITING your blog ! the post about the YSL ring - so interesting:)
And as for the question about what makes us want to buy things...I seem to like things when I see them in nice styling and on a nice-looking person...it SO works.
This is why Im hardly satisfied with anything I buy - as I can't afford any of the things designers make:( and even the look-a-likes are quite expensive.
I end up on visiting blogs.

gaby said...

to hold ya over there are knock off at target:http://www.target.com/Mossimo-Messenger-Cognac/dp/B004BKVK9K/ref=sc_qi_detailbutton