I know i've posted about photographer Irina Werning before but her running "Back to the Future" project is just so damn clever I had to update y'all. Here are a few more of my favorites but you can look through all of them on her site HERE. . . Make sure you also take a moment to check out her series on "Chini," a Chinese Crested dog she photographed over the course of a year, building little sets for it and dressing it up in costume: Not to be missed, obvioiusly.
CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France

: CECILE IN 1987 & 2010, France
LALI IN 1978 & 2010, Buenos Aires
: LALI IN 1978 & 2010, Buenos Aires
IAN IN 1984 & 2010, London
: IAN IN 1984 & 2010, London
PANCHO IN 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires
FLOR, MALE, SIL IN 1983 & 2010


Lindsay said...

I love this idea! There was also a series where 3 sisters documented themselves over 30 years. It was so intimate to see all of the small, but significant changes.

anastacia bogdanova said...

it's just great!!!!I love those pictures!


R.R. said...

I love these!!!! Great post


bravegrrl said...

these are too cool

noirohio vintage said...

i love this so much..... !!!!

shu84 said...

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