Voila! The Isabel Marant lookalike shirt i thrifted. Tighter neck, but will give you the exact same tanned body circles as the $600 one.

My Momma!! So stoic up front . . . looking out for icebergs and such.
From personal

Totally jealous of this passing boat's sail.

watermelon + wind = multitasking

Gap bathing suit & sunglasses // vintage mesh shirt // Old Navy skirt // vintage hat

I got to spend a couple hours on Sunday sailing around Lake Champlain with my parents in their sailboat before i had to go in to work. I hadn't been sailing in years and i'd totally forgotten just how fun it is. So much more quiet than being on a motor boat. My mom packed watermelon, cherries, San Pellegrino Orange, and sandwiches. I think i might have to start crashing their sailing dates more often. . .


Anastassia said...

Wow, the photos are truly amazing. Lucky youu:)


MARI said...

wow love the photos!! i love sailing! and you are so pretty, it is good to put a blog to a fae haha

xx mari


blacksandbrights said...

such beautiful photos - looks like such a wonderful day xx

Oracle Fox said...

Daria's yachting diary has nothing on these piccies! How amazing is that Isabel like top!!! So jealous lady! xx

LadyFLASHBACK said...

looks super relaxing!

jess // LF

Lou said...

These photos are great, and what a great way to spend the day with family. I bet you had a lovely time.


noirohio vintage said...

these pics are SO good. I wanna sail!!