Erie Basin
388 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

appointment only. . . 
1890s Late Victorian Freshwater Pearl Petite Bib Necklace, 14K, (sold)New bands:
1930s Ten Diamond Band, Platinum, Size 4.75, (sold)1922 Decorated 18K White Band, Belais, Size 5.25, $2651924 Decorated Platinum Band, Size 6, (sold)1904 Five Diamond Band, Platinum, Size 6.5, (sold)1920s Seven Diamond Band, Decorated, 18K White, Size 6.5, $3951925 Decorated 18K White Band, Size 5, $2751900s Persian Turquoise Ring, 14K, Size 8 (sold)1930s Diamond Eternity Band, Platinum, Size 6, (sold)1930s Ten Diamond Band, Platinum, Size 7.25, $5251934 Decorated Platinum Band, Size 6.25, $3951890s Decorated Wide 14K Band, Size 8, (sold)1940s Wide Diamond Band, 14K, Size 7, (sold) 1890s Ivory & Silver Guitar Charm with Miniature Knives, (sold)1922 Art Deco ~0.25ct European Cut Diamond Ring, Platinum & 14K Yellow Filigree, (sold)New bands, listed from left to right.  Found a big stash of nice old mens bands, which have been difficult to find lately. 
1880s Decorated 10K Band, Size 5, $1851943 Seven Diamond Band, Palladium, Size 5, $4501920s Belais 18K White Band, Size 6, $2351940s Seven Diamond Band, 14K, Size 4 3/4 (sold)1910s 14K Band, Size 6, $2501930s Eight Diamond Band, 14K + Plat, Size 5, (sold)1890s Turquoise & Diamond Ring, 14K, Size 5 1/2, $4851930s Seven Diamond Band, Platinum, Size 6, $450 1924 Decorated 18K White Band, Size 6, $2501920s Decorated 18K White Band, Size 6, (sold)1910s 14K Plain Band, Size 7, $2601935 Decorated 18K White Band, Size 8, $2751900s 10K Plain Band, Size 8, (sold)1895 10K Plain Band, Size 8, (sold)1920s 14K Plain Band, Size 6 3/4, $3251950s 10K Plain Band, Size 10, (sold)1950s 14K Band, Edged, Size 10, (sold)1930s Decorated Edge Band, 14K, Size 11, (sold)1950s 10K Plain Band, Size 11 1/2, (sold)1860s Victorian Woven Hair Drop Earrings, 14K Gold, $6251880s Persian Turquoise and Rose Cut Diamond Ring, 18K, Silver, (sold)


Blogger alden said...

I love the turquoise and diamond ring. LOVE IT.

September 9, 2011 at 8:24 PM  
Anonymous sophia said...

funny - ive been swooning over almost these exact ones on ebay. gorgeous

November 10, 2011 at 7:03 PM  

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