I've been guest blogging for Volcomunity since July (check in on Thursdays for my weekly Volcomunity posts!) and I wanted to share a post I wrote back in September with you guys . . . . 
Got A Girl Crush On: The original desperate housewives

I’ve recently discovered two girl-powered you-go-girl-type websites. . .
Let’s start with “Rookie.” This website was the brainchild of Tavi Gevinson, the youthful genius behind Style Rookie, and was just launched on Monday-remember i originally wrote this post a few months ago- (so you won’t have to spend too many precious hours pouring through their archives). Rookie declares itself a “website for teenage girls” and has three perfectly scheduled posts a day: an “after school special” post at 3pm, a dinnertime post at 7pm, and a “sweet dreams” post at 11pm. According to Tavi (in her recent interview with NYMag’s The Cut) all the posts have been created a month in advance. She hopes that by keeping the posting to three times a day, they can reduce the likelihood of crappy “filler” posts from occurring. Rookie is basically a site that serves as a clever and supportive best friend, or maybe a big sister, to its readers.
Even though i’m long out of high school, I have a feeling i’ll be checking in on this site from time to time. . . And no, not because I wish i were 15 again . . . no no no. . . but because the Rookie posts are funny and smart. My favorite recent Rookie post: “Higher Learning: Remembrances of the first year of high school, and advice for getting through your own, from some of our favorite grown-ups.” (musings by Zooey Deschanel, Jack Black, Joss Whedon, Lesley Arfin, Anna Faris, and Dan Savage to name a few).
I’m already thinking about the high schoolers in my life who would benefit from knowing about this website. I only wish Rookiemag.com had been around for me instead of Seventeen Magazine (which i started subscribing to at the tender age of 12; my older sister reminded me of this more than once)

My second girls-are-awesome discovery this week has been Got a Girl Crush. It’s another brandy-new online magazine created by women and about women. Their first issue is described as “photographs and interviews of ten ladies who we think are doing amazing things in our own backyards.” Got a Girl Crush’s blog archives can easily suck up hours of your day. . . so wait for a rainy one.

Got A Girl Crush On: Two girls in matching bathing suits (Coney Island, NY, 1967), by Diane Arbus
Summer babes!
(via nellienellie: ratak-monodosico)If these two don’t fully satisfy your need here are a few more girl-powered (litterally, run by women) favorites:

xx Molly


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