I’m the kind of person who obsessively drags images from my favorite blogs and websites to my poor, overrun, computer’s desktop. Only once I can no longer see my background image, I file these dragged jpgs into folders for later viewing/referencing. Basically, my computer hates me.
This has all changed recently though . . . Enter Pinterest.
Pinterest is this fantastic site that lets you store, and beautifully organize, all of the images that would otherwise be dragged to your desktop (and most likely forgotten). I really fancy Pinterest because it’s like a Tumblr that encourages cataloguing, and you can follow other Pinners like on Tumbler too. I’ve only been a member for a month and so far I have created 14 “Boards” (aka folders) and “Pinned” almost 400 images (yes, I spend too much time online).
I wanted to share some of my favorite Pins from a few of my Boards with you guys, hopefully it will entice you to jump on board and start Pinning!
 **and nope, i’m not getting paid by Pinterest for this post.
Visual Stimulation Board

Food Glorious Food



Hello Handsome

Originally written posted on Volcomunity 2/7/12


erotiquerobique said...

sooooo beautiful! i love it so! <3 <3 <3


MrJeffery said...

love paul newman & james dean!

Zoё said...

Can't thank you enough for showing this website, I'm constantly doing the same as you!

rakel said...

Molly thanks for showing these photos!they are soooo beutiful!!!

Let's Bolt said...

I dont usually like chloe sevigny but she looks great in that photo.

sadie d. love said...

i just received invite from pinterest, but i'm hesitating..for the reasons you mentioned - too much time online..

modezirkus. said...

Nice selection of pics.. like!


Laura - Mina + Oli said...

I love pintrest so much fun and if you get the "pin it" gadget for your bookmark bar not too time consuming!