This editorial for Under The Influence was most definitely inspired by one of my favorite artists: Egon Schiele.

Under The Influence No. 10
Shot by: Eric Nehr
Styling by: Serge Girardi 
Models: Adrien Sahores & Thomas Bukovatz


First seen over on Fashion Copious


mardijane said...

This is the best editorial that I have seen in a long time.

x/o Becoming Urban

DREAMY said...

So original. So. Into it.

Anonymous said...

Like Egon Schiele Paintings

Aly Fox said...

There's something in their expressions that is reminiscent of Norman Rockwell. Weird.

Anonymous said...

"so original"
it's good, but hardly "original". frankly i find it boring when fashion so directly appropriates high art. some photos taken for a magazine that is rendered trash at the end of the month and whose sole purpose is to sell are really no match for a work of art.