"Sorry I passed you an STD but I really enjoy your quirky web presence."

I LOVE HBO's GIRLS. . . nothing more to say.

If you don't have HBO, and don't have any friends/parents with HBOGO that you can steal it from, watch all the episodes HERE!

And then I am busy trying to become who I am.


Lindsay said...

I'm so happy I finally found someone else that loves Girls! Shoshanna makes me crack up. And Hannah...what can I say about her poor decisions?

DREAMY said...

I bloody love it.


Thanks for sharing the Free TV link, Molly! I've been dying to watch this series as I'm living under the Indo-China radar, and our HBO seems different. My favorite writer, Lesley Arfin, also co-writes this show. I WILL definitely keep my close eyes on every episode.


Jess said...

Thank you so much! I watched all seven episodes in one day.
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