written by a 10 year old:

Wish Jezebel had posted this list at the Beginning of summer!!  I'm not sure who the original author of this "cool" list was, but I kind of want to give him a hug and tell him not to think so hard. . . 

My first experience with sleep away summer camp wasn't until middle school.  I was a total homebody as a kid but somehow, at age 12, my parents got me to agree to a 6 day sleepover camp in New Hampshire. . . Below is my first mildly-traumatizing postcard to my mom.  She was at an artist's workshop at the same time and had sweetly pre-self addressed and stamped the postcard for me.  

After filling my mom in on the details of my first day at camp I then recorded every horrible moment in my diary.  Oh the emotion!!

Needless to say, by day 3 I was having the time of my life.

Sleepaway camp isn't complete without Tiger Beat's Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas!!


patrycja gardygajlo by alexander neumann 

for l'officiel nl september 2012

 . . . see the rest here


Burning Man is starting this week.  Never been but I think i've just added it to my Bucket List.  I wonder what the experience would be like not on psychedelics??

These photos by Peikwen Cheng make Burning Man look like Salvadore Dali meets The Mysteries of Harris Burdick . . . both of which I adore. 
Praying from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengDoors of Perception from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengSailing Away from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengKlimax at Dawn from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengFree on the Range from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengLaunching out of Oblivion from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen ChengRadio Flyer from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen Cheng
Lamp Mobile from the series Lost and Found by Peikwen Cheng
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avant garde: patricia van der vliet and monika sawicka by tom allen for muse #30 summer 2012




When we first rescued Elmer last October it quickly became apparent that he was terrified of bath time. It took both Eric and my strength to keep him stationed in the shower while we sudsed him up - and we still walked away with 2 foot scratches down our legs.  Luckily summer time means that Elmer is constantly swimming which keeps him *relatively* clean... But sometimes an active dog needs the help of doggy shampoo.  

Yesterday we showered Elmer in our backyard with the hose and I don't think he's ever been so good about it, or so soft afterwards!! Good boy Elmee, you're growing up!



Cannot wait for this.  Daniel Day you are the man.
Lincoln Poster


ahem, i mean a Delfina Delettrez beetle brooch.

via Streetpeeper



I want to go to there.

"We revisit past adventures as we drive: one moment the landscape is northwestern Montana, all glaciers and hardscrabble granite peaks, a herd of horses a dun-colored smudge against the electric green meadows below. Then it's flat, flat, everywhere flat: the grassy steppe of Mongolia. Then mossy outcroppings, salt air, a cacophony of gulls- we're in coastal Maine!- and then it's into the lava fields and igneous cones of another planet entirely. There is no continuity to the landscape here; it is all drama, all punctuation marks. The topography is a string of staccato notes on the bars of a river." - Lily Stockman of Big Bang Studio

*all photos in this post are Lily's . . . I also cannot even begin to express how glad i am to have recently discovered her blog.  Lily's way with words and rousing photos are a complete addiction. complete.



How does Kasia make the extreme-ombre look so good when it would come out looking tacky on so many others . . . the exception being Jayne of course.

Vogue Russia September 2012
Ph: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer, 

Styling: Veronique Didry, 
Hair: Laurent Philippon, 
Make-up: Polly Osmond, 
Model: Kasia Struss
Source: Studded Hearts


That hat just shot to the top of my Fall Must-Have list. . . Maglosia's smokey eyes too.

shades of black

Vogue Paris September 2012
Ph: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer, 
Styling: Capucine Safyurtlu, 
Model: Malgosia Bela
Source: Studded Hearts