Finding myself quite attracted to 45 year old British model Adam Holden. If Michael Fassbender ages as well as Gary Oldman, I bet he'll look like Adam.  mmm


Rosemary said...

Oh he's SO gorgeous! I saw him walking in a few shows the year before last and fell in love. Just beautiful.

GIAA said...



FSK said...

me to the OWWWWWWW


Anne said...

Yeah he is cool and full of character and Charisma. He actually has a vintage stall at Spitalfields Market here in London, selling very quirky things. Wanna pop by?

Anne xx

Here another treat ;)

Jake Walters said...

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ALIX of BOHEMIA said...

Ah, he's a friend of mine in London...Here he is on my blog:

he's going to be so chuffed with your crush.

ALix of Bohemia

KateSouth said...

He has a striking look. Love the shot with dog, especially.

shaunna said...

so intrigued. I'm staring.