the only one for me

 i die
 d.i.e. die.

balmain you kill me

one hat two hat

i loved this Prada campaign. that blue hair is excellent.
this vintage make-up bag i have always reminded me of a Prada print


After finding this (phenomenal) editorial last night i had a dream that i woke up from a bike accident only to discover that the doctors had to shave my head like this to stitch me up. i was psyched because i never would have had the guts for a cut like that otherwise!  
erin wasson circa 2001.  
(click for bigger image)

Vogue Paris April 2001
source: bwgreyscale


photograph: chadwick tyler

aldo is throwing it down

aldoshoes.com is having a huge sale right now and all of these boots are at least half off.  
They range from $39-79.

oh the possibilities

I wish this little vintage shop was around the corner from me. or that it was my walk in closet. 
In reality it's a place called Exquisite Costume in nyc (377 Broome St). 
source: ny times

dude, seriously, wtf

a Dolce&Gabbana $550 painted t-shirt? who in their right mind would buy it?

is this one of those situations where you're like, "yo, my kid could make that" or is this really something special?

  i'm gonna diy that shit tomorrow! 



 best yard sale find ever. too bad it's sized for a 7 yr old.
i guess it was destined to reside on the back of my bathroom door.

zipper one two or three

I just got these boots from Aldo, they are half off right now and sooo sick. (be wary, they run a little big)


white hot

army of me

i love tough chics. 
buffy the vampire slayer was my favorite show in 7th grade. 
she slayed vampires, died twice, and was witty as hell.
here are a few more badass babes from cinema
La Femme Nikita
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Doomsday (horrid movie, hot badass babe)

love liya

source: tfs

one trick pony

Givenchy hoofs  (jak&jil)
the urban outfitters Irregular Choice knockoff




vanessa bruno

napping would be so nice

i want.

It's Mr. Lagerfeld to you

a few months back karl bought an old farmhouse on lake champlain in vermont. i was really hoping i'd have run into him by now. what i would say to him is another problem all together.  "can i be your intern? your best friend? your muse?"
source: jak&jil

in the past


photos taken by me



Source: Hel looks




almost famous

Photographer Corinne Day