It's Mr. Lagerfeld to you

a few months back karl bought an old farmhouse on lake champlain in vermont. i was really hoping i'd have run into him by now. what i would say to him is another problem all together.  "can i be your intern? your best friend? your muse?"
source: jak&jil


Alden said...

Perhaps you will have better luck seeing Nico Case? She just moved herself into a VT farmhouse and filled the barn with pianos. http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2008/12/neko-case-buys-the-farm-makes-a-record.html

Stephanie said...

lol! Can I be your intern? or muse? Either option would be a very rewarding experience.
I love this image! I commented on Jak&Jil that it was like Karl could just stand still while the whole world bustled around him. This picture captures his aura perfectly. ;)