ebay baby

Ebay seller Laced With Romance has some great stuff up right now.

i wish i had doll sized feet.
These amazing gold lace-up boots (size 6.5 sigh) are killerrrr
i need to purchase some golden spray paint pronto. 
here is the ebay link
This Mickey Mouse leotard screams "buy me!"

Sheer orchid slip dress. 

slushies at the skate-rink

braid flung forward

Chadwick Tyler photographs girls of Supreme Model Management 

charlie chaplin

random beautiful b&w.

Good girls want him bad. Bad girls want him worse.

The John Waters film Crybaby is not just another "poor bad boy meets rich good girl" romeo and juliet type  movie.  it is so so much more.  

a must see.
crybaby-1.jpg picture by cazleng
oh Hatchet-face, i love you.


the stare. the outfit...
source: selfportrait.net

digby & iona

Aaron Ruff, of jewelry line digby & iona, loves all things antique and nautical.
and i love all things digby & iona.
I love the shipwrecked pirate feel to his pieces.
This gorgeous pistol ring even has working parts!

Ruff's Brooklyn studio.
studio images source: Refinery29

Sart knows men's style

I love that The Sartorialist has almost an equal number of men's streetstyle pics as women.  His eye, though eclectic, is always spot on.
Everything about this first dude is amazingness.  His facial peircings, fur collar, gloves, watch, oversized black leather bag.  props man.
I really liked this guy the first time he popped up on The Sartorialist. He has a way with layering, with scarves. wonder who he is.


Fully Saturated

William Eggleston's photographs are charged with an intense sense of place and time. 
We can thank him for being one of the first photographers to get color photography the credit it deserves in the art world.
Images: google


Le Fashion posted about a DIY project that Maison Des Reveries did a couple days ago based on the Balmain studded leather blazer. it's definitely one of the best DIYs i've seen in a good while.  I'm going to have to recreate it immediately. 
The Inspiration: Balmain Studded Leather Blazer

A Little Lou Love

all images: tfs