Roses are Red

One of my favorite places to get up to the minute fashion news, recent editorials and fun model tidbits is the blog Fashioncopius. . . it blows Fashionista out of the water. . .
Fashion Copius alerted me to this little switch: goodbye Karlie Kloss hello Rose Cordero for Wang's Fall 09 collection
oh how i love the long john one-sie 

Advanced Style

I just discovered the genius streetstyle (and photos readers have sent in) blog Advanced Style focused on trendsetters in their later years. . . uh amazing. 

Diana Vreeland. . . obvi



i love these necklaces from menswear site Rogues Gallery

stick and poke

My boyfriend wants to get a tattoo of a garlic (allium sativum) plant on his upper inner arm but we are having trouble finding a good image (in the style of an old science textbook image maybe. . . black ink only. . . ) anyone have any good suggestions or links?? 

shit kickersss

These are a couple pairs of my boyfriends boots (we found the first pair on the side of the road and i found the second for $4 at my fav. church thrift. . . and they fit him! The tag on the inside reads "tanker boots" loves it.)
These three pairs are mine. . . first pair found second hand and self studded. . . second is a used pair of docs, good ol' standbys, and the third are my amazing Aldo Virgie tri-zip boots, minus the top straps.  
i had to add these Frye boots below to the post because they were the sweetest find. . .found them at a secondhand store with tags still attached, in my size at a fraction of the orig. cost (they retail for $298). . . I'm a wimp and am still trying to get used to the heel. . . My goal this summer is to learn to walk with a heel. 


I'm craving some leather embellished leggings these days. . . i might just have to make my own.


Some Chadwick Tyler favorites.


Death of a Party clued me into Wittner Shoes. . . love themmm
These Wang look-a-likes were impossible to capture for this post because they automatically zoomed in once your mouse rolled over them . . . .so this is my "screen capture" attempt to show them . .. amazinggg



You can't have it all.

So as you can tell, i love Ebay. . . here are some of the amazing items i have not won. . . well, decided not to fight for. . . basically they were on my watch list.   hmmm, looks like i usually go for black leather items. based on this blog that's not a big surprise
i wish i had bid on this amazing leather jacket above. . . killer
the Harley jacket above sold for well over $100
i think this b&w diamond jacket is a bit much anyway
sweet kicks. . . sigh
this Billy Idol tshirt sold for only $9.99  arghhh

i really liked this DKNY pony hair bag but it wasn't big enough . . . it has tassels and everything!!
sweet Thomas Cook leather motorcycle boots

amazing change purse. . .