I'm Super Freakin late on posting about the DIY or DIE event (put on by fashion bloggers: Badlooking, Dirty Flaws, Pamalamala, I'll Wear Any Color as Long as It's Black, The Six Six Sick Girls),  i went to in NYC but here are a few of my (crappy ) photos from it.  

you can check out Much better photos from the event on these rad ladies' blogs.  

Sarah A., of Badlooking, showing us how to successfully shred a shirt
Rocking Jessica's  Anonymous Agent braided necklaces . . . available Here

One of Pam's amazingly beautiful creations (That i neeeed to own)


Blogger patti said...

Orh man, that's nice!

July 24, 2009 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

wow so cool.
i love the last necklace, it's incredible.

July 24, 2009 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Christing said...

looks like an amazing event! all the diys look sooo good! i'm very intrigued by that nude dress with super shoulder pads! would look great under a sheer tee!


July 24, 2009 at 11:38 AM  
Blogger tobaccoandleather said...

oh wow, i wish i was there! Nothing like this happens over here in England


July 24, 2009 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

what is it that they are doing with that tape with the nails in it? i'm curious..

July 24, 2009 at 12:38 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

aww nice photo with us! it was good to meet you in person.

xx amanda

July 24, 2009 at 12:58 PM  
Blogger Arlie said...

i wish I could have been in attendance to this! Someday I will be able to visit New York again...

July 24, 2009 at 3:11 PM  
Blogger dirtyflaws said...

thank you xx

July 24, 2009 at 6:25 PM  
Blogger Gold Sphere said...

You have such an inspiring blog, I love the well-edited content.


July 25, 2009 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Outi said...

Pam´s necklace looks amazing. Any links to a tutorial on how she did that? Do the pinned tape rolls have anything to do with it?? :D Always enjoying your blog. Thanks!

July 26, 2009 at 2:41 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Agent said...

Molly it was so awesome to run into you in person! Ahhh, stop by Brooklyn again soon so I have a good excuse to go to Beacons!

July 27, 2009 at 3:51 PM  
Blogger Annabelle said...

this looks mint, what actually was the event. would love to get in touch with you, you in new york again sometime soon.. annabelle xx

July 28, 2009 at 8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


December 12, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

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