This chick's got confidence.


Scarlett Rose said...

I hate this outfit. It made me feel weird.

heleen said...

I adore her porcelain skin, so beautiful against her dark outfit

Diane said...

I loovee this outfit; she pulls it off so gracefully.

Hahaha, Scarlett Rose's comment made me laugh.

So Good for Bunnies said...

And boy does that confidence show! You can look sexy in just about anything if you feel like you're sexy in it, and looking this good doesn't hurt either!

A and A said...

love this look... its true perfection.
Thanks for the post love... your blog is fabulous. Happy to have found it :)

xx lots of love from San Francisco.

alex and amy

genaxx/ said...

i too dislike this.
that crotch area bothers me.

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

mega ultra super extreme confidence. crotch-accentuating is apparently the new black.

bravegrrl said...

ok, reading the comments has me laughing out loud...

i wouldn't wear it, but i love daring... most of what i like is daring. so more power to her :)



enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Cette tenue est très originale et interpelle dans sa réalisation plutôt cocasse.