I couldn't help myself. I just had to do it. There was just no stopping me.

Having a little cash in my paypal account makes it really hard not to purchase way cool, leather knit, shirts when you happen upon them while browsing Etsy (a dangerous thing to do i might add)
. . . . Did you hear that ladies and gentlemen. . .an olive green,leather knit, t-shirt. Perfect for every season right? Well, at least that's how i justified this frivolous purchase.

I can't wait till you arrive on my doorstep. Thank you Ladymoonvintage! xx

I also like this Current/Elliott-esque denim jacket (HERE) that Ladymoonvintage still has up for sale


reid.damnit said...

yeah, that leather shirt is siiiiick

Meg said...

I had a very similar denim jacket to that when I was in 5th grade...as did my sister and cousin. Who knew?

Sof said...

Leather shirt: A+++
Denim Jacket: D-

Maja said...

As a design geek I just have to correct you - the leather top is not woven, it's knitted. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

i had a knitted leather top like that around 1982....it was awesome but it didn't survive.

April said...

holy shit, LEATHER KNIT?! that rhymes, and that is way way way too cool